Steady Devices with PID

Proportional-Integral-Derivative controllers (PID) are poised to take over and help give a steady hand to many more devices.  currently they are used to help us cook, fly and steer ships for the US navy (among many other uses). Where they will guide us in the future is up to us to ask for their help.

To get hands on experience we can build VeriBOT using an Arduino some other electronics and 3D printed parts. Using a bluetooth connection you can adjust the robot and learn in real time how your changes affect it’s ability to stay stable.

Where will PIDs take us? Autonomous  cars seems like a logical step, as well maneuvering vehicles into places humans would rather not go, like fire rescue or combat operations. Clearly the math behind this type of control system is not easily taught, but people  learn understand the connection between learning and the environment they are more engaged and able to adjust to new situations, just like the PID is doing today.

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