Mission – Family Connections

CreateSTEAM.com was created to give parents insight to connect with their children, as we have. Our family of 4: Antonio, Nina, Steve(dad) Navazio and Estela (mom), have been using/learning about embedded processing for about 8 years. This opportunity has lead us to present at 6 Maker Faires, including 3 World Maker Faires in New York City. We get exhausted, worn out, horse, and enjoy every minute of it. So, from that work we’ve decided to continue the projects “online”. The plan is to offer a subscription based product to allow and inspire other families to connect, create and enjoy spending time learning and sharing the process/excitement of learning. We want to help families create permanent projects that are useful in both form and function, we generally use education as an aspect of form and connecting as the function. To parents that don’t have a high technology IQ, this project(s) is designed for “learning together” to show you children how you learn and encourage them to learn and educate you, as we already know the satisfaction of helping your children learn, now let them teach and grow with you and sharing in the process.


The respect that I’ve gotten by showing what I don’t know and accepting my limitations has allowed my children (as young teenagers) to see me in a more sincere way. This give them the opportunity to “share and shine”, a basic human desire. The recognition that they’ve gotten from others is heart warming and humbling, it’s inspire me to share it with you and hope that some how you’ll have a stronger relationship whith your children. If there is some way I can do this better please don’t hesitate to let me know.