Free Virtual Robot

Since robotic kits can cost too much money using a free virtual robotic kit to start out is a great way to go. John Blankenship and Samuel Mishal have create a simulator and programming language for virtual robots you can see their work at Building a robot with their product doesn’t end on screen. The programs that you write can be downloaded into various embedded processors, including the Arduino. John and Samuel have written a book call Interfacing The Arduino with a PC Using RobotBASIC’s Protocol($2.99).This allows the user to take the fully developed virtual robot and after loading the code onto the Arduino robot, to understand the development process. In the class room, kids can all develop the virtual bots and then schedule time on the real world robot, to get a better understanding time management.


Looking for a way to introduce robots but have no budget, here is your answer…

They have developed a robot language and virtual development platform. This lets anyone with a PC program their robot on the screen and have the ability to send the information to a real robot. Robots from will be able to use the code generated from the RobotBASIC platform.



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