ESP Car Iphone App

I’m currently working on a video for this, but till then….

If you want to try setting it up on your own.the process is…

Make sure the car is setup, turned on (you see the wheels to spin front and back to show the car is working) and wheels are off the ground(for testing)

1. Read all of these instructions then start with number 2
2. Load Anymote from app store
3. Select “Add Remote”
4.Select “Create a Smart Remote”
5. Tap on the red power button (upper left)
6. then delete it using the trash can in the upper right
7. Delete all of the “N/A” buttons on the screen EXCEPT the round one in the middle of the cursor buttons.
8. When you have ONLY the cursor buttons and the round “N/A” button on the screen proceed.
9. Rename the “N/A” button by tapping on it, then tap on the “text” button on the upper middle part, make it “Off” or “Stop”
10. Save the remote

Now we need to add the commands to the remote.
1. Open the menu on the top right
2. in Settings (bottom left)
3. select “Network Commands”
4. tap “+” on the upper right corner
5. select “HTTP GET”
6. in the command feld type “Forward”
7. in the URL type “http:\\\?c=0002”
8. port is “80”
9. then hit “test” command”
10. If it works then hit “save”
11. program the following commands…

BACK is a get http:\\\?c=0005\
LEFT is a get http:\\\?c=0003\
RIGHT is a get http:\\\?c=0004\
OFF is a get http:\\\?c=0001\

After you have the commands setup, you have to add them to the remote.

1. from the menu tap on the gear next to your remote (Usually “smart remote”)
2. Select “edit”
3. tap on the up arrow on the cursor
4. select “function” from the top menu “network functions”
6. Select “Forward” command
7. Do this for the rest of the buttons
8. tap on “save” when you programmed all of the buttons.

Hopefully, this gets you up and running.

Here is the user manual if you need it…(;jsessionid=28D8928425DE0F23DDABAF04DF3BA313?custId=TFALA460G&locale=en_US&cid=696115)

Let me know how it goes.

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