Build ESP WiFi Car

The ESP Car comes fully wired and programmed all the is needed to complete the car is 4 “AA” batteries and vehicle platform.

The parts included are:

(2) Toy Motors

(1) ESP8266-12E module

(1) Battery Pack

(1) H-Bridge

(1) Tiny breadboard

(4) Female to Female Dupont wires

(4) Male to Female DuPont wires

(2) 3D printed wheels

(4) #4 1 inch screws (to mount motors to Lego bricks)

(2) #4 3/8 inch screws (to hold wheels on axles)

The car IP address is


Wiring (in case something got loose or after re-programing)

Note: Please use “full screen” mode to control videos

ESP Car wiring diagram
Download ESP Car Arduino IDE code

Example of Building the car frame



Attach Lego plastic brick to the motors


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