Good morning Makers! Our time at MakerFaire Ottowa this year is amazing so far and we’re here to share the application with you. To download the .apk file(the application), click HERE for the ESP Car APK (For Android Only). The following are instructions as to how to download and install the application from your computer to your phone and just straight from your phone.


The download name should be “Wifi Car.apk”, and it is not view-able in the Drive. Open the file location of the .apk through Windows Explorer(do NOT try to read the .apk, just open the file location).

After, plug in your android device into your computer and make sure it is a Media device, and not in “Debugging mode” or “Charging Only”. Then click on the location of your phone. If you have an SD card, open the folder that is NOT labeled as an SD card. There should be many folders open now. That’s good.

Once you have located “Wifi Car.apk” and your phone’s main storage, drag and drop the .apk into the “Downloads” folder in your phone’s main storage. If you do not have a “Downloads” folder, simply place the .apk into the general phone storage.

Next unlock your phone. Under your applications, there should be something called “My Files”, “Downloads”, or just “Files”. Open the application. This should give you all the different folders that you saw under the main storage on your computer.

In the Files application on your phone, you should find the file “Wifi Car.apk”. This is the correct file, so press it. Your phone should prompt you and ask you whether or not you want to install the application. It may say something along the lines of “Files like this may harm your device”; bypass that by pressing the button that says “Download just this once”. Once the file in installed, open it, connect to your car’s Wifi and you’re ready to go!




Click here. Then open with the Google Drive application. It should then automatically download the file (if it doesn’t, press it again until the .apk downloads).

Your phone should then prompt you to about the download settings. Go into your settings and “Allow Unknown Resources Just This Once” or “For Only This Application”. You need to allow “unknown resources” (even though you know us) because the application is not downloaded directly from the Google Play store.

Afterwards, all the installation and once it’s done, open it, connect to your car’s Wifi, and you’re ready to go!

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